The Arabic language world

The Arabic language world 
From the Sultanate of Oman to the People's Republic of Libya to the Kingdom of Morocco on the Atlantic coast: over 300 million people worldwide can communicate in Arabic. 
The spoken Arabic languages differ so much from each other that a smooth communication between Arab native speakers of different origins in their dialects is often quite difficult. To overcome this difficulty, all speakers use standard Arabic as a multifunctional high-level language. You will get to know this high Arabic in our express course. 
Modern High Arabic differs from classical Arabic, as passed down in the Koran, however, in its vocabulary (which, of course, has been greatly expanded in recent centuries) and in its grammar and pronunciation. 
Arabic influences in German 
By the way, Arabic has also left behind a multitude of terms in the German language. On the one hand, these are expressions whose origin is quite obvious, such as Bedouin, balm, mocha, saffron, sesame or vizier. However, you will also find terms that do not immediately suggest an Arabic origin. Did you know that chemistry, the elixir, the guitar, the sugar, the number, the algebra, the coffee, the cotton, the carafe, the admiral, the magazine, the mattress or the checkmate are terms that have an Arabic word root?